Hi and welcome back.

I’m posting a few images from last Saturday’s Meetup group.  We had a great time just sitting in Laurie’s studio, relaxing, having coffee, and discussing photography.  For me it was great, for the Meetup members I hope it was the same.

By noon our model Ashley had come.  Here are a few shots we got with, this time, on camera bounce flash.  I showed everyone a technique using only camera mounted flash to get great results.   This is the technique I use when shooting an event or any other time when off camera flash won’t work.

I use white or black foam paper cut to fit my speedlight and bounce my flash off of the walls and ceiling to achieve a soft light.  I’ll have a post and photo for you tomorrow.

These are direct raw to jpeg conversions without any processing.  More on processing images later this week.  Enjoy.