Hi and welcome back.

Today is another post on equipment.  I just found this and don’t own it yet, but will very soon.  It is the X-Rite Photo Passport Color Checker.  Digital color management is truly about your eye.  You may choose a white balance or color balance based on a number of different factors, but the Color Checker allows you to accurately record color in post processing from raw to whatever the final format you are outputting to.

For me, color is about my eye, but I really like the simplicity and size of this gadget.  A little pricey at $99.00, but I’m going to pick one up and review it.

Also, on the right of the web page, and you should go to the web page, is a video with Seth Resnick.  Pay attention not only to how the Color Checker is used, but notice that he’s shooting portraits with a 300 mm lens.  The longer the focal length, the better the compression in the final image.  Here’s the link: X-Rite Color Checker

Screenshot courtesy of MAC Group.

That’s it for now.  Till next time, happy shooting.