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Today we’ll look at Lab Sharpening.  This is a technique that you use so you can sharpen an image without getting those nasty, oversharpened halos around the pixel in you photo.

There are are few extra steps in the Lab Sharpen function.  We’ll use an image that would show haloing in the shadows if oversharpened without the Lab function.

I like the color and graphics of this image, but the green fire escape can use some sharpening.

The lab sharpen function takes a few steps but is worth it.  First, select Mode, scroll over to Lab Color and select.

Then scroll over to the layers palette and choose the Channels Palette.  Once in Channels, select Lightness.  This will turn the image black and white, effectively putting the color pixels to sleep.  Then you go to the filter menu and choose unsharp mask to apply the sharpening.  Now you can apply sharpening multiple times and avoid those nasty halos.

Once you’re done, go back to the Image Mode and convert the image back to RGB Color.

Then for the final step, click back on the Layers Palette to see your work then keep on working or finish the image.

There are a few more steps to Lab Sharpening, but it is a technique worth knowing.

I’m on the road today.

So till next time, happy Photoshopping.