Hi and welcome back.

Today we’ll look at sharpening an image.  If you shoot in RAW format, effective sharpening is a must.  The sharpening settings in the RAW converters, especially ACR, are set to a value of 25.  This is an average that Adobe just applies across the board to all images.  It is best to sharpen in Photoshop to have the greatest control.

Here is a photo of my son, which I took outside about a month ago.  I have applied no other effects, this is how it came out of my camera. (Remember to click on an image to enlarge it.)

In this screenshot, you can see the softness around his eyes, especially on the lashes.

To access the filter, go here.

Here are the basic settings I use.  Use the unsharp mask, which is a holdover term from the days of film.  The nice thing about this setting is you can use it twice if necessary.

There is a marked difference.  The sharpened version looks cleaner and sharper.

I got these settings a few years ago from a few different people: Scott Kelby and Bryan Peterson.  This is a great overall setting that doesn’t destroy the image but adds a bit of sharpness and punch to the final product.

Tomorrow, Lab Sharpening.

Till next time, happy Photoshopping.