Hi and welcome back.  I hope you all had a great holiday!

I did.  I didn’t get any new photo equipment, but I enjoyed the time off.

For today, just a quickie before I get back to Photoshop.

After Christmas is the sales season, and photo suppliers are no different than any other retailer.  Here are a few sales I received by email last night.  Check them out.

For the Epson store, I highly recommend the Epson Picturemate for printing your own 4×6’s.  I use one and if you’ve taken one of my classes at the Milford Adult Ed, all my 4×6 proof prints come from that printer.  Epson makes the best photo printers hands down.  Use the promo code they sent me for yourself.

For Photoflex, they are offering a sale on their off-camera flash softboxes.  I’ve had Photoflex softboxes in the past and found them difficult to assemble.  The light quality was fantastic, but nothing trumped the horrible time I had putting them together.  Take a look at the sale.  After the first of the year, I’ll be running posts, Workshops,  and Meetups on softbox choices for off-camera flash.

Also, don’t forget to check out the biggies like Adorma and B+H Photo for end-of-year sales.

Tomorrow we return to Photoshop and how to sharpen an image.

Till next time, happy shooting!