Hi and welcome back.

We’ll cover the same topic as yesterday but using Elements 6 instead.  Now I know Elements 8 is due to be released or has been released already, but with all things Adobe, you should be able to figure out the action as long as you know where to look for it.

Elements 6 is a bit different, and there are more options for you to use.

First; put some images into a folder.  Then in Elements 6, go to File, then scroll down to Process Multiple Files.

The dialog box will appear.  It is a bit different but almost the same as CS3.  Choose your folder, then choose your destination folder if it isn’t the same, then you have a few more choices.

Choose source folder, then choose destination.  If you scroll down, you can re-size the images for he web.  If you choose Constrain Proportions, all you need to do is type 800 in the top box.  On the right you can change the dpi as well.

Scroll down again and you can batch convert your RAW image to Hi-res jpegs immediately.

Scroll over to the Autocorrect box and you can use Photoshop to autocorrect your images.

Scroll down to the Watermark.  You can add a watermark or brand your images with the Copyright sign and studio/name info.

Once you’ve loaded all the info, click run, get that Ham and Cheese sandwich, and come back to Photoshop with a subfolder of new images ready for you to edit or put on the web.

Take advantage of the actions in Photoshop to make your digital life easier.

That’s it for now.  Till next time, happy Photoshopping!