Hi and welcome back.

Let’s take a short break from Photoshop.

It’s my belief that if you have the opportunity to help someone; you should.  This can mean a charity, a favor, or just plain helping out, especially in these economic times.

Last night I helped my daughter’s Girl Scout troop get their Photography badge.  It was great fun!

I had to follow certain guidelines and I made it fun for all:

  • Learn how to take a portrait
  • Learn how to clean the camera
  • Learn how to tell a story

These are a few of the items I went over.  I made it fun for them and in turn it became fun for me.

Here they are: Girl Scout Troop 39306

Many thanks to the Troop leaders Jill and Debbie for asking me to help out.

That’s it for now.  Till next time, happy shooting.