Hi and welcome back.

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For today’s photoshop tip, I will show you how use the Layer Mask.

First: Bring an image into Photoshop, CTRL J or Command J to duplicate background layer, then click half black, half white icon to choose layer.  We will stick with saturation for the Holga image.

Now, with our saturation boosted, we are getting some digital noise in the cloudy sky because the blues have been boosted a bit too far.  With our mask, we can block out the effect on that layer.

Now, on the right is the layer and to the right of that is the mask.  Click on the mask to activate it, then choose the paint brush, choose a foreground color, preferably black, then go up to choose a brush size, then simply paint over the area you don’t want to be adjusted.  I used red for presentation purposes, use black.

If you look at the mask on the right, it is blacked out on top and the saturation boost effect isn’t being used.  The cloudy gray sky is reverted to its original color.

Now if you are finished, simply merge or flatten the image, save it as a jpeg, and output it to the web or print.  If not, save it as a PSD for further manipulation.

Layers are simple as soon as you get the hang of it.  Keep practicing and remember that if you don’t like the layer effect, simply drag and drop the layer into the trash can on the lower right of the layer palette.

That’s it for now.  Till next time, happy Photoshopping!