Hi and welcome back.

As part of an ongoing personal project, I carry a Holga with me just about everywhere.  It is a toy camera that is really a kids plaything, but it can create some fantastic imagery.

The camera takes 120 film, which I have developed by North Coast Photo in California.  If you use them for processing, tell them the film came from a Holga and they will know to process, somehow, accordingly.  I get the film developed and scanned ready for photoshop.

Below are a few examples of the 36 keepers I got back from 72 exposures.  Believe me, a 50% success rate with a Holga is doing pretty good.   The camera has one shutter speed, about 1/100, one or two apertures f/8 or f/11, and has four focussing marks that may or may not focus properly.  The whole thing is a crap shoot, but a fun one when it all comes together.

Enjoy, and till next time, happy shooting.