Photokina and the One Speedlight, 16 Looks Workshop


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Hi and welcome back!

I know it has been a while since my last post, but I’ve been very busy.

I’m heading to Photokina tonight and will spend the week at the trade show with Expoimaging.  If i have the time, I’ll try and post from Cologne, Germany.


Upon my return, I’m running the ever-popular One Speedlight, 16 Looks workshop in my studio.

If you are new to OCF or just want a portfolio upgrade or want to learn new techniques, this one is for you.

To sign up for this class, use the Paypal link above or send a check to my home office at 160 King’s Hwy, Milford, CT.  

I cover:

One light source

Simple reflectors

Radio triggers

And 16 different lighting looks

Our model is Nadia:

_RVH3686_pp webDon’t miss out!

Location: My studio, 233 Boston Post Rd, Orange, CT 06477

Cost: $160.00

Time: 11-3

Day: Saturday, September 27, 2014

Don’t miss this one, it’s going to be great!


The Fall Headshot Sale Extended!


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Hi and welcome back.

Realizing that September 6 and 7 are early in the school year and many of us are getting our kids situated, I’m extending the Fall Headshot Sale and am booking in for September 27 and 28.

The deal: 


$100.00 deposit required to book, balance due on that day.

30 minute sitting

Online gallery

1 retouched image


Hair and makeup are $100.00 and you pay stylist directly

DVD of entire session: $100.00

You must call to book: 203-641-2880

Here’s a flyer:

RHS Headshot Sale

Hope to see you then!

The Fall Headshot Sale!


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Hi and welcome back.

Usually in the Fall or early Spring I’ll run a sale on my headshot sittings.

This one is for Actors and Models alike.


Cost: $180.00

Deposit: $100.00 to book your spot, balance on the day

Place: Studio, 233 Boston Post Rd, Orange, CT

30 minute sitting

1 studio look, 1 natural light look

2 wardrobe looks

Online gallery

1 finished image


DVD of the sitting $100.00

Hair and makeup $100.00, you pay stylist directly

Contact me directly to go over the sitting and pay the time retainer: 203-641-2880 or

RHS Headshot Sale

Shooting in Natural Light


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Hi and welcome back.

My last post was on mounting the California Sunbounce reflector to a light stand.  Now let me show you how to use it for natural light photography.

Being able to mount a reflector allows you to work alone and have a stable platform for your reflector.  You don’t need to have your subject hold it, have it precariously balanced on a knee or against a wall or rock or chair, or have an assistant.

This is how I shoot most of my natural light shots.  I set the reflector, white or silver side depending on amount of fill and contrast needed, low and then position it to the best angle to get the fill I want.


These two shots were taken in the same location with the same system:








This last shot was taken in my driveway.  We headed to the beach for our session but the light was so strong and reflecting off of the sand, we decided to head over to the shade of my home.  In the driveway I set a bench and a small bucket so she could put her foot up.  I set my reflector the same was as above and got the shot:


I’ve been shooting  more and more natural light lately and love the simplicity of a camera, lens, and a simple modifier.

Till next time, happy shooting!

Attaching a California Sunbounce Reflector to a Light Stand


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Hi and welcome back.

I get this question often.  The California Sunbounce reflector system is, I think, the best on the market.  However, you do pay for that quality!

California Sunbounce

The CS Micro Mini was the first piece of professional gear I purchased after my camera and lenses, and it has been with me for 8 years!

I currently own 2 Micro Minis, 1 4×6, and one of the 36″ Sunswatters.

The great thing about the CS system, is that it is based on an aluminum tube frame so that it is sturdy, the fabric stays taut, and you can attach it to a light stand so you can work alone.



_RVH2740 web

However, attaching it to a light stand can be tricky since CS discontinued their Grip Head Pro a few years back in favor of the new Enterprise bracket, which is cumbersome at best.  But there is a workaround!

The original Grip Head Pro was a traditional 2.5 inch grip head with a hole just the right size for the CS tube, which is an odd metric size:



This wonderful, and if you are reading Amy, my CS contact, you need to bring that back into production, was replaces by a bracket called the Enterprise.

The Enterprise allows you to attach either of the CS tube sizes: the small for reflectors and the large for the Sun Swatter or other products.  This unit is big, bulky, and does not fit into your bag well:



But here’s the workaround: Purchase a Mattews 2.5″ Grip head, use Matthews as the head is made of brushed aluminum and then simply bring it to a machine shop with a tube section from your CS reflector.  For the about $40.00, a 12 pack of beer, or a Box of Joe and some donuts, you can have the original grip head for less money.  And it works!!




It is important to bring a tube sample from the reflector so the machinist can match the tube size.

This is a great solution to fix the problem and get that reflector on a light stand so you can work alone.

Matthews 2.5″ Grip Head

Thanks and till next time, keep reflecting!



Upcoming Workshops


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Hi and welcome back.

After a cancellation and a reschedule for September, I’ve decided to run a few workshops in August in my studio.

All my workshops are shooting events, so don’t forget your camera!

One Speedlight, 16 Looks

This is an always popular workshop where I teach how to achieve 16 different lighting looks with just one speed light and a few reflectors.

Date: August 9

Time: 11-4, this is a long one!

Place: Studio, 233 Boston Post Rd, Orange, CT

Price: $125.00

Model: Nadia

_RVH3686_pp web

Model Portfolio Builder

Most new models, especially those just starting out, off of the model sites, or even models looking for portfolio upgrade, don’t know what they need to start or to have basic looks in their portfolio.  This workshop is designed to teach models and photographers what they absolutely should have in their books when going to castings or go-sees.

Date: August 23

Time: 11-3

Place: Studio, 233 Boston Post Rd, Orange, CT

Price: $150.00

Model: Jeannette



I had a workshop planned for March 24, had to cancel talent, but am looking to reschedule it with new talent.  If you are interested, this one is Glamoir: a term I coined to cover Glamour and Boudoir all in one.

If you are interested in any of these, you can contact me here or just use the Paypal link above to pay.

I can always be reached by text as well: 203-641-2880

Thanks and hope to see you there!


The Private Workshop


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Hi and Welcome back.

As many of you know, teaching is a huge part of my business.  I travel the country running workshops on lighting with small flashes and strobe lights.

While I do teach in the group setting, the private workshop has become very popular.  It can be difficult to glean all the information you need in a large group setting, so I also work privately one-on-one or in small groups of 2-4.

Last Saturday I headed to the Art Factory, Paterson, NJ to work with an individual client.  Ernie had taken several of my workshops but found that he just wasn’t getting what he wanted or needed out of the group setting, so he hired me to work with him one-on-one.

I rented the studio space, hired professional model Richelle, professional hair and makeup, and Ernie brought all of his own gear.  Using my client’s gear is crucial to the process as it is what he owns and uses and may be different than what I use.  So this element is important so that Ernie gets the most out of our time together.

Ernie owns the new Profoto B1’s.  I’ve not had a chance to shoot with them till Saturday, and I have to tell you they are amazing.  They held there own for at least 500 shots at multiple power settings without losing a shot for 4 solid hours!  These are now on my Christmas list.

All the shots below are out-of-the-camera proofs, no retouching.

One look for the day was the classic beauty style headshot.

Key: Profoto B1, Beauty Dish with Sock, reflector is a California Sunbounce Micro Mini

Hair: 2 Profoto D1’s, 1×4 strip soft boxes with 1/2 CTO gels for a touch of warmth on Richelle’s hair



Our next look was a three light high key commercial fashion look.

Key: Profoto B1 with Beauty Dish

Edge and back: 2 Profoto D1’s with 1×4 strip softboxes

Note: I placed the strip soft boxes 3 feet from the back wall and 3 feet from Richelle.  This position gave me high key background and edge lighting on the model with just 3 lights.



For one of our last looks, I used the natural surroundings of the abandoned mill building to place a light outside to create the effect of light streaming through the window.

Key: Profoto B1 with Beauty Dish

Back: Profoto B1 with 7″  reflector



Many, many thanks to all involved:

Client: Ernie

Studio Rental: Taryn Truese

Model: Richelle Oslinker

Styling: Reena Shaw

If you want private instruction or instruction in a small group setting, don’t hesitate to contact me as I’m willing to travel anywhere!

Thanks and till next time, happy shooting!

Congratulations Rob and Stacy!


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Hi and welcome back.

I know it has been a while since I have posted, but it’s been busy.  Not only shooting but booking workshops and travel and weddings.  2014 sees me return the the wedding market.  I left in August of 2011 for a variety of reasons.  After a 3 year hiatus, I’m back shooting weddings and accepting interviews for the end of 2014 and all of 2015 and 2016.

But for today I want to congratulate Rob and Stacy on getting married!

Rob and Stacy_collage copy


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